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I'm Pedro, a landscape architect, plant-nerd and an optimistic dreamer dedicated to helping you find joy and harmony through the beauty of plants and the art of gardening.


My Story

Born and raised in the city of Coimbra, Portugal, I was a shy and introverted kid masquerading an extrovert at heart and the dream to make the world a better, more beautiful place.

During my studies in Landscape Architecture, I developed my passion for the field of Planting Design. I discovered the power of plants to create dream-like atmospheres and engaging spaces for people, which could also be sustainable, wildlife-friendly, and that would magically transform with the seasons.

After having lived in four countries and in several different sized homes between my studies and jobs, I've come to realize the importance of plants in creating a cosy home and the challenges of gardening in small interior spaces. 

So, why Peace of Plant? I came to a stage in my life where I stopped separating my passion for plants from my other growing interests in mindfulness, productivity and organizing, healthy eating, and well-being in general. From the expression "peace of mind" (as a state of calm and tranquility) Peace of Plant stands precisely for the power of plants to create joyful and healthy ambiences in all spaces we humans live in. Gardening can also be the perfect way to practice being in the present moment, while connecting with nature in creative ways. 

Well, while having a garden or plants around me hasn't solved all my problems at all, it has definitely changed my life in so many positive ways. My gardening philosophy, based in choosing the right plants to match my available conditions and lifestyle (and not the other way around), has taught me a great deal in acceptance and flow, seeing opportunities where once there were challenges before. And by nurturing and watching my plants grow, I also receive the most rewarding feelings of joy and learned to appreciate beauty in the most simple things in life.

Today, I'm passionate about inspiring others to bring more of nature into their lives and homes. I'm happy to show you that any restrictions you may think you have can actually be amazing opportunities to grow the right plants for you.

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