Ground cover for shady spots

Let me introduce you to another cousin of lavender, thyme, rosemary and sage: bugle (Ajuga reptans). I've seen it growing alongside other creeping groundcovers like strawberries (Fragaria) and mint (mentha), normally in rather moist soil under oak trees.

In the garden I have tried it scattered out through shady parts of the garden but I recently decided to transplant all the existing clumps together so to make a generous group. This way I've found they easily make a nice carpet of foliage and that all the tiny spikes of blue flowers have a much bigger impact. If you use it as an extensive groundcover it can actually tolerate moderate foot traffic and act as a lawn alternative for shady spots in the garden. It is also easy to use in containers in shade.

☂️ . It always flowers for me from mid to late April. Have you ever seen it or used this plant in your garden? I'd love to read your thoughts and experiences with this plant on the comment section below.

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