Botanical Garden of Coimbra, Portugal

Updated: May 11, 2018

This was such a great idea from the visit to the Botanical garden in my hometown @jardimbotanicouc It shows how much you can achieve in terms of design with so little: just several clay pots displayed in progressive different heights and a lot of repetition from a few 'key plants'.

There were many pansies for flower color but what caught mostly my attention was the clever repetition of the grey shrub across tge design. It is the so called Curry plant (Helichrysum stoechas) and one could really feel the intense aroma to curry in the air by walking near this garden.

😋 I believe this look can be successfully achieved with different kinds of plants like herbs, succulents or even tropicals (mostly what we use as indoor plants), depending on the context and growing conditions. What do you guys think?

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