Plant Styling

Bring joy into your home, office or outdoor space

Do you want to create....?

  • a more productive environment at your office?

  • a cozier and more inviting space?

  • a peaceful atmosphere to relax and connect to nature?


The Plant Styling service is designed for people like you who wish to bring more life into their homes and enjoy having green around them, but don't know what plants to choose, how to take care of them or live busy lives and don't have much time to research and read about gardening.


I'll show you how to choose the right plants that fit your goals and lifestyle. We'll regard available light, soil, best watering practices and how to plan for maintenance to make it as quick and easy as possible.


You will also find how to display your plants in creative and inspiring ways in order to create a truly inspiring space. 

How does it work? Schedule your free 20-minute consultation!

To discover how I can help you bring more of the beauty and joy of plants into your space, fill in the contact form below in order to schedule your first 20-minute consultation. This first session is offered to you online and is totally free. After that, I'll send you back a quote considering how many hours and sessions will be necessary to complete your project.

This service is only available for the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. Collaboration on a project within another region is also a possibility, depending on the volume of work and applying the respective travel and accommodation expenses.

I'm excited to start working with you!

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