Planting & Garden Design

Create your dream landscape

The Peace of Plant design service is for the modern home owners who wish to turn their garden into a lively and inviting place for both people and nature. 


The successful establishment of your garden as a living piece of art and your satisfaction are vital. Therefore, the design service is offered with its installation and subsequent maintenance consultations.


Who is this service for?

Whether you're creating your first garden, or transforming an existing one, a professional garden and planting design will allow you to: 

  • truly enjoy your space, having more meals with your family, entertaining friends or relaxing by yourself in the outdoors

  • be surrounded by colourful and vibrant plant compositions, which evolve and transform with the seasons

  • cut the water bill of an existing lawn and transform it into more water-wise alternatives

  • create an easy and sustainable low-maintenance garden

  • combine not only a place to grow ornamental plants, but also fresh herbs and vegetables to use in your kitchen

  • promote biodivertisy and attract beneficial wildlife, like birds and butterflies


No project is exactly the same, so to find the best way to work together and create the  garden of your dreams, get in touch by sending me an e-mail to

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